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Just making a check if people here are interested in RP of any kind, if people are interested I could throw out some ideas and take suggestions. (Basically I want something else to distract me from writing Elizabeth’s Depressing Journey North (Working title))

As long as you're going to stick with it, i'll more than likely be in. There's been many times we've tried to revive it and they've all fallen through, so yeah, stay with it and it'll be great.

I'm always down to rp!

sans the skeleton:
id be down for helping with the opening post but I'm absolutely useless at starting/continuing RPs thanks to an unpredictable schedule :/

The Shrub Dragon:
I love rp but now isn't really an objectively good time for me but like poison I'll happily help with the opening and or make one or two gamemastery posts if you need anything like that


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