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What some people on the internet seem to be forgetting is that this is a console that is being launched simultaneously with a new Pokemon game. And I can't even count how many people have said to me "I really want the new Pokemon games, but I don't have a 3DS". This thing is going to sell pretty well, in my opinion.

Sniped, making this post pretty much irrelevant. Great.

The thing is, the "I don't want a 3DS" argument is usually to do with the idea of buying a new console, which is essentially the same as the one you've got with improved performance. But if you're going to get a new console anyway, why not get the better one? I think this will sell mainly to a younger audience, because e they'll see it as "New=better" and also this ties in with the release of a Pok√©mon game, which will greatly boost interest for a younger audience (as well as an older, but the older audience tends to not be drawn in by the advertising of it being new so much  ;))

Oh yeah, Dick. This thing is definitely aimed at a younger audience. (The fact that kids can play it without their parents worrying about their heads exploding is a huge plus.)

The unproportional screens and unmatched colour schemes (except for the black one) of the entire 3DS family already look hideous to me, but this takes it to a new level.

Richard and Blaziken:
Okay, I have one major problem with this. Look at the circle pad and button placement. How ridiculously uncomfortable does that look? Especially for games that require use of buttons and touch screen, there's no real way to hold it comfortably. Beyond that, it looks hideous. Not being able to close it doesn't make me giggle and think retro. It makes me realize that my screens are going to get incredibly dusty and worn out quicker and I can't put it in my pocket.

Anyway, this is a stupid, bad idea in my opinion. I cannot see this going well for Nintendo, and I wish they weren't wasting time and resources on this. I haven't seen many positive responses to this, and I can't imagine it'll be a huge success.


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