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It's pretty obvious to some, but this may not sell very well because the audience is cut in half or more considerably, since there are the people who already have the 3DS and will just wave their hand at the 2DS. So far the 2DS itself is just a financial vacuum cleaner to suck up the mostly very young customers that the 3DS did not sweep, because of the intimidating 3D which caused the parental wall. If I were considerably younger, I would be very excited for the 3D and I would get lost in it, so it's all reasonable that there should have been some kind of strict control to begin with. The kind of success the 2DS will get is very much a cutout of the sales a 3DS could've gotten, which is likely not going to be nearly as large as the piece of the audience that the 3DS has already gathered. The 3DS has already had a head start with the games that were introduced in its name, with plenty of time to have them tempt skeptics into purchase. The 3DS is ahead by time, and time is money here. So it seems to me that the 3DS is the dead frontrunner. So far we only know that the 2DS is for playing 3DS games in 2D, so I will take into account that this may have actually defeated the purpose of the 3DS if they were released at the same time. I'm sure, and I hope, that the 2DS presents something new apart from the 3DS, as the 3DS XL did after the latter. I was once told that the 3DS is just a DSi with a 3D feature, and it turned out not to be. Personal experience aside, I do think the 2DS is something more that we're not being told, though I don't know exactly what is going on inside Nintendo's head. So far it doesn't look like it will sell very well, but you never know. I have some faith in Nintendo upon what it plans to do with the 2DS.

I guess I'm a bit surprised that no one has questioned how sturdy or fragile the 2DS may be.

I suppose it'll appeal to technologically impaired parents who don't know that if they go into settings the 3d can be disabled. It'll be good for kids under 7 as the 3d is non existent. The design is kid friendly (no hinges to snap, see the ds lite) and how chunky it is makes it look more tablet like which p much every kid i know wants. It'll be a good entry point as it is cheap.
On the flipside the design is disgusting eew. Besides appealing to kids and parents i can't see many older/current 3ds owners buying one so it might limit the market.

Mr. Apple:
i like it, 3D isnt great on the 3DS so i wouldnt mind losing it, and no folding screen thing to pinch my fingers. personally i like the design, too, so ill hope to get this for my birthday in a few weeks

Angelic Lapras King:
Oh well, there's special edition Pokemon XLs coming, so the Poke fans have an alternative come the 12th if they don't mind the 3D and extra cost...

Joe_Pokemon2015- MEGA RAYQUAZA!:
Well Nintendo had been doing the foldable screens for over 7 years. They need to go for an unfoldable screen like the old Game Boy Color.


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