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The Nintendo 2DS

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Angelic Lapras King:

--- Quote from: ディック on August 29, 2013, 16:29 ---I was saying that the 3ds can be bought for £134.99, which is £25 more than £109.99, the cost of this  ;)

--- End quote ---
Right, but it'll still appeal to either kids who don't have a lot of money or can't view the 3D effect because they're under 7 or whatever, or those who can't grasp the fact the 3D has an OFF slider. ;)

And think about used. You can probably get a 3DS 2nd hand for about £100 but give it time, and the 2DS could be as cheap as £70-80 in no time. ;)

What? Your DSi is evolving! (Now we went over this, don't press the B-Button, Nintendo...)

...And the 2DS was born.

I personally love how it looks! According to the article linked by Turner, it's not a step backwards, but it's retro-style. I don't hate it, it looks like good fun and an interesting concept.

Well, should it drop to £85-90 by Christmas, I'm having it, particularly a blue one.

I may wish for one for my birthday in about 6 months. It looks pretty cool.

Looks tragic but i guess with the release of x and y it will have boosted sales. If they can expand the battery life then it would be an interesting investment especially with the extra space. Doubt it though if they are keeping it a a low price


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