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Your Art / It's been 10 years!
« on: June 06, 2015, 20:04 »
This year, this month, it has been 10 years since I joined this forum. I stopped being active here many years ago, but I still stop by once in a while to see what's up and maybe post a few posts. This forum is actually a bit special to me. It was the first forum I joined, and that was the first time I created an account anywhere on the Internet. It marks the beginning of my "online life", for once I joined this forum, I started spending a lot of time online, made online friends, joined other forums and websites, and I have not left the Internet alone since (whether that's a good thing or not, can be discussed).

The very first topic I started, was right here, in the art board. I named my topic "pokemon pictures", because English is not my first language and I did not know the word "drawings". "Pictures" was as close as I got. My English was terrible back then, I did not quite follow the forum rules because I had not read them (three word rule and no double posting, anyone?), and my drawings were... Well... Not exactly masterpieces. And still - no one was mean to me! Not one single person! You were all so nice and encouraging. You told me you liked my drawings (even though they sucked), and you made me want to draw more. I started taking requests, and drew a lot of drawings for you.

I still have many of the drawings I did for people on this forum ten years ago. In order to celebrate this 10 year "anniversary" I've got, I want to post the old drawings here again - together with new, redrawn versions! Now, don't get your hopes up - the redrawn versions won't be amazing. You might think they would be, after ten years, but because I have been drawing very rarely for the past few years, the improvement won't be overly impressive. I have improved, definitely - just not as much as one could hope. Maybe I could use some more of that encouragement I used to get here? ;)

The first drawing I want to share, is this one:

It was requested by Mightyenapup. (I made sure to write down who requested the drawing on every drawing I did.)

I will be posting more old drawings and their redrawn versions soon. I'm hoping I can get a little bit feedback, but I understand that the forum is a lot less active now than it was ten years ago. But if you're reading this, and you have something to say - say it! I might even start taking requests again, if I feel like it. It depends on whether or not anyone show any interest in this topic. (I have a feeling it may be ignored, due to the low level of activity the forum has right now - but I still hope for the best!)

If any of the old people that were here ten years ago are still around and actually remember me - say hi!

Random Randomness / Studying (animal behaviour) in the UK!
« on: March 21, 2014, 19:34 »
Edit: I'm pretty sure that I'll be choosing either Aberystwyth or Lincoln now. I have applied to Animal Behaviour at both universities. Comments about those two universities or about studying animal behaviour are still wanted! :)

Hello! I am a Norwegian girl who wants to go and study in the UK. I have applied to four different universities and one college, but choosing which one I'll go to might be a little bit difficult. I have visited the college, but never been to the universities or to the cities they are located in. So I thought "why not ask the British people at Maybe they know something!" :)

I have applied to:
- Writtle College (Chelmsford, England)
- The University of Reading (England)
- The University of Exeter (Penryn campus, England)
- The University of Lincoln (England)
- Aberystwyth University (Wales)

So, does anyone know anything about these universities or cities/towns? Do you live there, have you been there, have you studied there? Would you recommend it, or do you know something I should know before choosing that place?

If you know anything about studying animal behaviour (or similar), your comments are welcome, too! :)

I have applied to Animal Behaviour (and welfare) at Exeter, Lincoln and Aberystwyth, Animal Science at Reading, and Animal Management at Writtle.

Obviously, I'll do my own research by going through their websites and gathering information, but it would be fun if someone from here could help! :)

Your Art / Amazing Psyduck cake
« on: May 15, 2013, 02:45 »
So, I made a cake.


It started sinking down before I even finished it... I had no idea this would be so hard. Obviously, I had no clue what I was doing with this, I had never done anything like this before, I can't even make regular cakes, I had just seen other pretty sculpture cakes on the Internet and assumed it couldn't be that hard.

Never assume cake art is easy.

I don't know what cake artists use to cover their cake, but I learned one thing: It's clearly not marzipan.
In my head, the marzipan would magically harden and keep the shape of the cake. It would be no problem for a soft cake to hold the weight of a heavy cake ball (the head) as long as it was covered in a thin layer of marzipan! I don't know what I was thinking.

If you take a closer look at the beak, you can see that I also did an amazing job at mixing the colors. :)

Oh, well. At least my boyfriend had a good laugh.
And enjoyed killing it.

Have you seen this yet?

I've seen it around the Internet a few times. I have no idea who made it. This particular image is taken from Memebase.

If anyone wants to try it, go ahead! Do it, then post it here. I'll probably try it as well. :)

Games General / Your strategy while playing Pokémon
« on: May 13, 2013, 02:42 »
What's your strategy? Are you more offensive or defensive? Do you use substitute, baton pass or other clever moves?

As a young Pokémon trainer, my strategy was basically "KILL IT! KILL IT WITH FIRE!" (My favorite Pokémon was my Charizard, and its moves were Fire Blast, Flamethrower, Fire Spin and Fly. Don't judge me, I told you I was young.)

I still love that strategy.
I tried it on Pokémon Showdown once.
I was crushed.

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