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its that time of year again....


lets all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes:
.....where i whip all u sadsacks into shape and out of the Sad Salad Problems thread in order to.........

wish pkmn dot net user clairefable a happy bday!!!!!!!!!! anyway yeh hope you are havin a cool and good day claire its the best day which is ur birthday! this is a photoshop college of u and steven stone at the mossdeep centre having a bday day out

wowee happy birthday pkmn dot net user clairefable !!!!!! have a coolio day today !!!!!!

Omg thank you guys!! This is the best thing I have ever seen with Steven and Jerry Jackson and a cake that looks r8 nice.

Thank you!!

Happy birthday (sorry it's late), and also that picture is one of the most claire things i've seen.

Lord Raven:
Happy Birthday Claire! It's kind of freaking crazy how long it's been since we all started man, and I'm glad you're still around. Hope to see you (and xhanatos) around on Discord.


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