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US/UM was a game I was obsessed with getting for christmas, but now that I have it, playing it feels like a drag. Once I get going it's fun, but it almost feels like a chore now instead of immersive like the originals. Could it be because it feels a lot of the same and doesn't have enough changes like other games in the middle (like platinum), or is it something else?

Also does anyone else get that feeling playing US/UM or is it really just me?

USUM at the start, for me, was kind of boring. my attention was being grabbed by other games, but then i finished said other game and was like ok i guess i'll play Ultra Sun some more - and it pulled me in. i started doing more that i hadn't done before (shiny chaining for instance) and eventually finished the game. i haven't played it in a few days bc i've had a lack of energy but yeah, i get it. slow to start off, but it should sink it's claws into you eventually

That's good to know. I have a lot more motivation now that I caught my mareep, so i'll probably play today.

i like sumo was really slow on its own. it took like 30 minutes of cutscenes to begin the game. i never got usum for the same reason, i didnt want to play a walking simulator for 4 hours before finally getting to like, 5 hours of gameplay. i personally think it was released too early after sumo as an extra. wasnt sumo just out last year? i feel like the third installations were much later...

plus usum just looked like £40 dlc which didnt interest me.

sans the skeleton:
I felt much like OP. I've sorta dumped it... i'll probs come back to it later tho. havent even played ultra moon yet bc itll be the same. Oops.


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