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PKMN.NET Official Meet: 2012

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prolonged absences yay!

due to the distance and cost, I am wary. However, I am not saying "no", I would just like to see if my finances will allow, and also WHEN. I do not want to spend £100-odd for open day tickets, if it would be easier for me to buy advance singles, but of course, this would incur time restrictions.

TL;DR - can I get some approximations for our time-constraints so I know when to buy train tickets and hence whether or not I can make the journey?

I will make another post confirming later.

Same times as usual - meet's roughly 1PM to 6PM, though precise details will be fixed. Any other times are by invite.

Really want to go, hang on a sec... trains from cornwall costs £123... hmm don't think I can make it... sorry.

Argh, I won't be able to make it. Seeing as how the cost of getting a train there would cost me a LOT of money and time. Shame really, seeing as I thought it'd be nice to come back to the site this summer AND come to the meet. Next year for sure. Maybe some people around here will know me by then. xD

The last sheikah:
It'd be pretty difficult to see Ben and Kay without seeing me, given that at the time I'll be living ten meters away from Ben, so I guess you can count me in, if my measly three-digit post count admits me 3:


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