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PKMN.NET Official Meet: 2012

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--- Quote from: Zy on June 07, 2012, 22:18 ---prolonged absences yay!

due to the distance and cost, I am wary. However, I am not saying "no", I would just like to see if my finances will allow, and also WHEN. I do not want to spend £100-odd for open day tickets, if it would be easier for me to buy advance singles, but of course, this would incur time restrictions.

TL;DR - can I get some approximations for our time-constraints so I know when to buy train tickets and hence whether or not I can make the journey?

I will make another post confirming later.

--- End quote ---

Presuming you're coming from London and have a railcard, it's £56.10 for an off-peak day return and £38.30 to just buy two convenient singles - so you should come! All of you Londoners should come :3

I have to say, it'll be nice to be able to get to a meet for free for the first time ever in my case!

You do realise that you need to help me break into PX001 to relive some memories right Kay?

.. challenge accepted. Though I'm pretty sure it'll be locked over Summer, so we may need to tunnel our way in. Bring drills.

I'll make a lego drillbur... or something along those lines

Latias Tamer:
I'm afraid its a no from me this year. :( I'm so low on money at the moment, I can't really afford anything so a trip up north is out of the question. Annoying because that weekend I'm home alone and gonna be bored out of my mine. D=


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