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PKMN.NET Official Meet 2013

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Lord Raven:
oh my god i cant believe you're back

That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:

Finally Smelly in the flesh :D

.~:Sly Foxx:~.:
Arg I would love to come along but I believe that's the day I return from holiday... I may or may not be able to attend some of the later shenanigans. I'll post up tomorrow when I've checked in for sure if it can be done though!

sans the skeleton:
Aw, I don't think I can go. Probably the perfect time (summer holidays, obviously) but there's pretty mch no money in the house to go all the way down to London form Newcastle. Bah. Maybe next year...

.~:Sly Foxx:~.:
Looks like this can be done. Put me down for a yes!


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