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PKMN.NET Official Meet 2013

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Latias Tamer:
I'm gonna be a No again this year. :( Can't get the time off work, as everyone else has decided to take leave at exactly the same time... D:

That Girl in the 'Roo Suit:
Rochforrrdddddd nooooo you cant do this to me!

No cookies for you!

it has been WAY too long.

looking forward to it.

As a reminder - the meet is in less than two weeks. Sign up now if you haven't yet! If you want to come, but don't have appropriate forum access yet, let us know - you probably have been overlooked.

Latias Tamer:
Scratch my previous post! I am not needed after all that weekend, so I can now come! :D And that weekend collides with a friend from Uni coming down to London as well, so it works well for me. :D


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