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Okay, the new Animal Crossing for the 3DS is called Animal Crossing: Jump Out, it'll be released in Japan late 2012 and in the first half of 2013 for North America/Europe. Here are some of the features:

-You are now the mayor of the town
-You can buy things such as benches, lampposts, fountains etc. to decorate the town
-Character customization has vastly improved, now you can customise tops, bottoms, shoes, sleeves etc.
-Interior design has improved too, there's MUCH more stuff you can put in your house and there are more options for customizing, such as whereabouts on a wall you want to place a clock.
-The village itself has improved and now is much bigger
-You can customize the living pace of your town to fit your own lifestyle, for example if you're more active at night you can change the town's status to 'The town that never sleeps' and have all the shops open late.
-You can customize the outside of your house too, ranging from a traditional Japanese house, a sci-fi house, a gingerbread house etc.
-Clothing patterns now use QR codes for sharing; no having to replicate a pattern online pixel by pixel!!


I have to say it's looking reaallly good so far and I'm very excited for it, who else is interested?

wow, awesome, been waiting for detials for this for ages. :3  I'm so looking foward to it.

love the idea of changing the playstyle of your town.

A lot more excited for this now than I ever was! Animal Crossing WW was a fantastic game for the DS <3

I wonder if they'll bring pictures back. :p

Makoto Niijima:
Sweet to hear this finally has gotten a release date ^_^


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