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+ Spring 2013 release 17/09/2013 release
+ GTA SA had a massive map, GTA IV had a smaller, but more detialed map, RDR had a massive map.  This map supposdly, taking in account of both inside and outside locations is bigger than those COMBINED.  With a working water part and everything. 
+ Three characters, contrast socially and hobbies.  Michael, an ex bank robber, 40s, has a family, deal with the feds lives the high life.  Trevor, 40s,  Michael's parnter when they did bank robbers, drugged up, ex soilder. Franklin, younger than the two,  car repo man. Can change when not a mission but they can take part in missions together.  Changing will enter a supposde google map style zoom out zoom in. 
+ Phone has changed  a bit, no longer get friend calls requesting acticvies (though they are still in) can access internet from it.
+ Planes. Jets.  BMXs. and stuff

wow, just wow. the map sounds intense and three main characters? What I liked most from GTA IV and it's dlc is that for the most part, the characters were running around in the same city, that felt, even though it's the same place it allowed for different expereinces with only a  reletetive few small changes.

i r so exicted.

What format?

I loved GTAIII-SA but IV just felt too heavy and realistic for me, the physics turned me away.

I hope V has a more arcadey feel to it, I'd buy a PS3 or whatever I need for that.

Lord Raven:
My only problem with this game is that I don't think I'll be able to finish it, I need like a solid year of nothing but VIDEO GAMES VIDEO GAMES VIDEO GAMES to finish all these games I own and this won't be any exception

I'm definitely getting it. After Resident Evil, GTA is my favourite series. Just the sheer size of the map is enough.

But Fallout and Skyrim had massive maps too. But there wasn't a lot in them. This, however... Just wow...

 Ermergerd, this will probably be the only new game I get this year.

 The fact that friends and dating is gone will be a relief! Don't want someone calling my up to go bowling/drinking/darts every 5 - 10 minutes.

 The screenshots look great too, I remember going crazy when they said something was coming back last year, can't even remember what it was!  :laugh:

 Deffinately going to find CJ's house if it's in the same area or if it's still there, I know it's probably going to be years between the time line but you can't get rid of CJ's house!


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