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LoZ/Franchises You Never Bothered With? (Help needed)

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Like everyone, there's a very popular franchise I haven't tried....until now. For some reason I have never even played a Zelda game before, but I'm looking to change that. Where should I start? Chronologically? I understand the games can be played reasonably separately but I want to really give the whole franchise a try. I have NES, SNES, GBC etc. etc. and I'm willing to play them in their original glory. I'm also not against trying a newer remake if anyone thinks it's a better idea?

What are some well known series of games that you just never tried despite them being hailed as classics

Angelic Lapras King:
If you want to try a 2D Zelda first, try either Link's Awakening or Link to the Past. If it's 3D Links you want to play first, then you can't go wrong with Ocarina of Time (N64 and 3DS versions are both great, but to me the 3D on the 3DS port only just beats the N64 original).

As for me, probably most FPS franchises. They're just so many these days.... 0_0

i never got into LoZ either tbh
i played windwaker but i couldnt get past a certain point and my heart wasnt really in it at all to begin with
can hardly get into mario either. i like bowser? and ive played like. one mario game.

i guess really the only franchise i got into was pokemon and kingdom hearts? the latter only happened this year though, everyone else went through KH when they were fricken 12 or something hahaha.

Richard and Blaziken:
Ocarina of Time 3D. PLEEEASEEE FOR ME? Q~Q

...I mean... yes, I think you'll like that one. A lot. It's my favorite game of all time. You should play it. c:

Lord Raven:
A Link to the Past or Link's Awakening is good

from there, go ocarina of time -> majora's mask -> wind waker -> twilight princess -> skyward sword

i havent played the DS ones, didn't like many of the GB ones in retrospect, haven't played Minish cap...  in fact the ones i've played are the ones above (minus majora's mask, which is easily the darkest zelda game)


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