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I never used lanturns until this play through, and I've decided I love them, and I then came up with an idea to abuse them in battle hall. Anyway these are the movesets I've come up with, and was wondering what you people think would improve them

Lanturn (Flounder) Volt absorb             252 Speed, 252 Special Attack 4 Random
-> Discharge
-> Hydro Pump
-> Signal Beam
-> Ice Beam

Lanturn (Nemo) Volt Absorb                252 Speed, 252 Special Attack 4 Random
-> Discharge
-> Hydro Pump
-> Psybeam
-> Return

Ok, the basic idea is use the move that has the best power (after STAB and weaknesses etc.) until low on health, and then spam discharge to restore health.

P.S. I know the names are awful, but they're fish, you have to call at least one nemo :D

Richard and Blaziken:
Pretty sure species clause exists within all battle facilities. The problem here is that you're using two Pokemon with the same weaknesses. One fast Earthquaker would put you put of commission pretty quickly. Lanturn is more suited to being a defensive Pokemon anyway, and defensive Pokemon have no place in double battles. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, I just don't want you to waste your time raising a defensive one. :<

I'd be more than happy to give you a spread for a defensive one, however! :>

Battle hall forces you to use two of the same species, it's the one where you do streaks of 10 using the same species. I wish Game Freak would name them all substantially different  :laugh:

Richard and Blaziken:
Ohh, right, right, sorry I forgot that even had doubles. In any case, Lanturn is not an ideal choice for this by any means because Doubles is too offensive and Lanturn is a naturally defensive Pokemon by virtue of stat layout. I'd recommend something like Lucario, Ludicolo (both Swift Swim, one having Rain Dance), or Garchomp would all be pretty good choices for such an arena.

Ok, I just thought the volt absorb thing would be cool. Garchomp w/ Sandstorm and sand veil could work though.


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