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I don't see the point in 3DSs

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Who actually wants to play games in 3D? It gives me a headache after 5 minutes and since I am adamant that I will not get a 3DS because of that I can't play Pokemon X/Y.

I think Nintendo are losing out here, I think that they're losing too big a proportion of their target audience because they don't have 3DSs.

You can turn the 3D effect off entirely on a 3DS and play it in "2D". That problem is easily solved. As for the general lack of interest in the 3DS, I haven't been keeping up. All I know is that it had an allegedly weak launch, but that point's moot now.

I can't even see the 3D lol
but yeah if it gives you headaches turn it off. You can't notice a difference really.
I think animal crossing, donkey kong and x&y may boost sales though!

Yeah you can turn it off if you want.

Honestly, I like the 3D. I thought it was going to be a lame gimmick but it's actually really enjoyable.

The same could really be said for the GBC -> GBA or GBA -> DS

Hardware improves, new consoles come out. I rarely buy a Nintendo handheld because I'm particularly wowed by the hardware improvements, I buy it because I play a lot of Nintendo games and I know the lineup will be killer.

The 3DS has loads of great things in its favour though, the ability to make notes while you play (Suspending play and going to the homescreen is actually really useful, especially now that there's a native web browser for looking things up quickly.

Stuff like 3D and AR will be as good or as bad as the game developers make it. I think Pokemon X/Y will make superb use of them.

Also getting online on the 3DS is a breeze. No more sitting through a whole bunch of connection screens for one game, it's almost as if you're constantly connected to the internet while you play.

Sorry if this sounds like I'm trying to sell you the 3DS, but you'll be missing out if you don't get one. I think people are hesitant to buy any console at the moment because creatively everyone seems stuck in a bottleneck. Just go where the games are good.

i can't even see in 3D, and the fact that the new pokemon game is on the 3DS enfuriates me. It's annoying the fact they're essentially not letting some people play the new game, because i know no one who actually HAS a 3DS - DSi, DSlite, DSiXL, etc, but no 3DS.

Also whats the point in paying for the extra 3D effect when you're less likely to use it because a lot of the 3d games are kind of crappy


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