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E3 - What were your highlights?

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So, we're pretty much done with the big E3 reveals for the most part. What were your highlights, best bits, worst bits, favorite games?

I thought Microsoft really dropped the ball with the XBone, too expensive, too many limitations, not enough of a focus on the games, the ones revealed were standard run n gun shoot em ups which don't do much for me and I think they're probably a pretty tired concept at this point too.

Microsoft's whole display was pretty sad, I'm swear a lot of the games were actually running on PC instead of the console itself. I wasn't the only one to notice a backspace icon on one of the FPS titles..Then there was the (psuedo) rape joke which really didn't do them any favours.

Sony really impressed me, I never bother with home consoles but I might get the PS4 if it drops in price. FFXV and Kingdom Hearts 3 looked excellent (FFXV looked scarily realistic at some parts), the price was low-ish, the graphics looked better than the XBone, the lineup was more impressive, better support for indie developers, region free...etc. Was pretty funny watching the new Assassin's Creed lag out and stop working.

Nintendo...most relevant to my interests, holy crap it was awesome. Pokemon as we all know has caused a storm, SSB looks friggin' awesome (WII FIT WOMAN) and Mario Kart 8 makes me want to get a Wii U, the 3d tracks is such a neat idea, I always wondered how they could keep Mario Kart fresh but I think they just nailed it.

Holy crap, did anyone watch the EA reveal? Awkward silences all around, the bizzare basketball rap that had everyone speechless, CONTROLLING THE BALLS, the awkward moment when the pre-recorded cheering tape stopped during the UFC game reveal and a few people clapped...I was laughing the whole time.

Probably one of the funniest E3s in a long time, if I was EA I would have wanted the ground to swallow me up whole. That was seriously embarrassing.

What did everyone else think of E3? Anything you're particularly excited for?

EDIT: And how could I forget, THIS MOMENT. It's even on their official YouTube channel! Hahaha oh man.

microsoft getting slammed by literally everyone

Lord Raven:
that and

- ff15
- mgs5
- pokemon
- tales of xillia (lol even though it came out in japan a couple years back)
- maybe mario kart
- castlevania los 2
- smash

there were a couple other things that i dont remember off the top of my head

only thing that can really top this off is Drakengard 3

Angelic Lapras King:
MegaMan for Smash Bros. Utterly awesome reveal watching it live.

And that Capcom, is how you do MegaMan in a fighting game (Here's looking at you Marvel Vs Capcom 3 and Street FighterXTekken... :P)

Alpha Fenrir:
Have to agree with you about that youtube video, Turner. I hope that Microsoft didn't take it too much to heart...XD

Obviously the Pokemon X and Y information was a highlight, but I think I'll focus on the other games...

Final Fantasy XV was probably the best reveal for me. That realistic feel to the whole thing, even the magic casting, was amazing, and that was just watching it! the behemoth seems to be making a return to being a ridiculously powerful enemy, which is good to see as I felt that they seemed to take a little bit of a back seat in terms of power for a while. And that serpentine dragon right at the end of the gameplay trailer... Lets just settle with saying that I can't wait for it's release.

The confirmation that KH3 is actually more than the phantom of hope from fans was also a strong relief, but it will be a long time for enough information to be released for me to get to the same stage as I am with FFXV. I'm curious to see how they will round up the plotline with the organisation though.

Liking the look of KH 1.5 HD. 358/2 days lost so much appeal due to the low graphics and sometimes lagging gameplay, and it appears that has been improved. I never got my hands on a copy of Chain of Memories, so that'll be a first time for me. And having the final mix aspects of KH1 will be welcome. I know what I'll be doing in my spare time this September.

So far, Lightning Returns is very confusing. I've played both of the FFXIII games (not the add on content though, that'll be Summer), and I'm still lost. I know Lightning was stuck in Valhalla, but why in the world is Lightning fighting against Sarah, Noel and Snow?! Didn't Sarah and Noel disprove the oracle drives before?! At least Hope appears to be on her side (voice from Lightning's glasses).

The PlayStation4's price was a pleasant surprise, I thought they'd make it much more expensive... £349 is still pricey though, so I think I'll wait for a price drop... Not that I have much of a choice :dry:. Got no choice if I want to play FFXV and KH3 (Xbox one does not count as a console, let alone an option).

I don't know whether anyone else saw this but on the Square Enix Presents day 1 video, when I was looking for the FF and KH info, I saw the competition part. More specifically, I saw the presenter's workplace collection. My jaw must have been dropped for nearly 2 minutes. It made me feel quite a lot better about still being interested in the gaming world... You can watch it on youtube, although it will take a while to find the section within the video... Start looking about 1 hour and 30 minutes in!

And as for Nintendo...

First and foremost, where was Zelda WiiU?! That was the thing which I was most looking forward to!!

At least we did get to see Smash Bros at last. Not exactly my choice for new additions though... The villager I can understand, Animal Crossing is a major franchise and it is about time that it joined in the fray, even though I'm not a fan of the series, shall we say. Megaman looks quite cool and the intro video given was pretty awesome, although I have to say I was hoping for Amateresu instead. And whilst the introduction for the wii fit trainer was quite funny, I don't think she really fits the game (although I might be saying that because of the fact she seems like a truly annoying opponent). Overall gameplay looks brilliant though. I hope they have some stages in the final game which are 3 dimensional, like the stages in Custom Robo (which I'm sad to see did not make an appearance again at E3).

MarioKart 8 looks fantastic. I'm glad that the pace of the game has increased - old races could become quite dull due to the low speed.

WindWaker HD has a strong appeal: I never did get to play that game. Seems like a must have for me.

Haven't looked into everything yet. Hoping to find something else to my liking.


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