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E3 - What were your highlights?

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Lord Raven:

--- Quote ---So far, Lightning Returns is very confusing. I've played both of the FFXIII games (not the add on content though, that'll be Summer), and I'm still lost. I know Lightning was stuck in Valhalla, but why in the world is Lightning fighting against Sarah, Noel and Snow?! Didn't Sarah and Noel disprove the oracle drives before?! At least Hope appears to be on her side (voice from Lightning's glasses).
--- End quote ---
We'll have to wait and see.  I haven't gotten all the crap in FFXIII-2 yet and I have to read into the plot some more because theres too much going on in that game, but I sincerely hope the ending to Lightning Returns is something like "yeah and all of that crap that happened after the Ragnarok thing was fixed and life returned as normal."

Killer Instinct 3 because I've been waiting for it for 15 years which is almost half my life.

Angelic Lapras King:

--- Quote ---First and foremost, where was Zelda WiiU?! That was the thing which I was most looking forward to!!
--- End quote ---
Apparently Nintendo were close to showing it off, but decided to give it more time.

Ahh well, that's what Wind Waker HD is there for, to kill the time till then... XD


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