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Lord Raven's Game of the Week 3: Fire Emblem: Awakening

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Lord Raven:
Hiya everyone,

So to spark activity on this board I love so much and call home, I will be doing weekly game reviews and discussions for games that I wish to talk about and pique my interest.  Hopefully this will provide some insight into some games, will give people recommendations and will encourage discussions about the nuances of one of everyone's favorite hobbies in life - gaming.

I will write my first article tomorrow.  Hopefully I can get an archive sort of thing going with my OP, and hopefully the discussion will be constructive as well.  I also want some constructive criticism in my writing too - I don't want to be a professional reviewer or anything but if there is some thing about anything in my posts that can rub you the wrong way then please point it out.  It encourages discussion in that sense too!

One warning in advance:  either keep spoilers to a minimum or mark them.  I believe the best way to deal with spoilers is to put spoilers in big bold font then put everything else in a subscript with yellow font.  Err on the side of caution with them.

aeris dies


8/8/2013:  The Last of Us
8/20/2013:  Tales of Xillia
8/28/2013:  [url=

This is a pretty cool idea, looking forward to seeing what games you decide to write about.

Do it do it do it...but please spare us of every single FE game known to man.  :P

Lord Raven:
I haven't played much FE in months Turner so you can count on that ;)  FE:  Awakening may be covered as one of the first 10 but simply because it's new, not due to my love of the series.

Richard and Blaziken:
Will these be posted to the site itself, or in this topic? Either way, I like this idea. :>


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