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So the GTS and Dream World are no longer available


That means you are no longer able to get foreign pokemon and Dream World ability pokemon anymore.
(Dream World pokemon are only legitimately available via dream radar now)
I may have a solution to that, assuming the mods allow it.

(Mods, do you approve of this?)

I have an action replay code for my english Black version which allows me to catch dream world ability pokemon and I'm going to be getting a french version of Black soon.
I'll more than likely be using codes to catch the foreign pokemon as well because I don't know where to get them any other way.

Since this is now the only way to get Dream world/foreign pokemon in Black/White/Black 2/White 2 and people may still want some, I'm giving everyone the option to trade with me.

Do people still trade with Black/White/Black 2/White 2 nowadays?

Do I really want to know how to access the site and that most of the information about it is enough to explain them?


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