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Su/Mo trailer topic - Alolan forms, leaks and more

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TBH I read the bad furry bait part and laughed because that's pretty spot on at least for those kind of furries, most furries aren't completely corrupted and perverted but that's a chat for another time.

Anyways, the rowlet final evo looks like someone who would approach you in NYC and ask you to buy a watch, either that or steal your wallet and basketball tickets in Cleveland.

Love popplio's final evo, though it looks pretty feminine and that's a bit odd since most starters are male. Looking at you fennekin.

^You might be able to make an argument for Braixen, but I didn't think there was anything strongly feminine about Delphox.

And yeah, I guess what I was hoping for was something to play up the clown/performer aspect Popplio made me think, but whoever designed it might have had a different kind of performer in mind (I mean, Disarming Voice does lend the idea to a singer...)

If it turns out to be Water/Fairy like the rumors say, though, that's not so bad imo. Better than pure Water again.

Captain Jigglypuff:
I really like the Alolan forms of older Pokemon. I hope we also get a Alolan Gyrados that is finally part Dragon and maybe have a moray eel type look to it, an Octillery based on a blue ring octopus and part Poison, and an Alolan Bellossom that is more vibrant and has tropical flowers on its head.

More (potential) new Alola formes! Do not hold me to these, they just came across my tumblr dash. Will do more digging to see if I can find the trailer!!

EDIT: These are most likely definitely fake now that I did some diggin, but there are leaks saying several other Pokémon are getting Alola forms. Watch this space.

honestly tho i would kill for new eon forms ngl

Alola Vaporeon in that if it's true looks like somehing you'd fish out of the ohio river if someone dumped a bunch of food coloring into it ngl.


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