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When does Red catch Vee?


I bought the first two chapters of the Pokemon Adventures manga recently. I can't get the third chapter yet as the shop didn't have it in stock when I bought the other two.

I haven't yet read the first two chapters as I want to read all three back to back.

I read once that Red captures an Eevee, but I don't know which chapter it is.
Can you tell me which chapter he captures it in? I'm the impatient type lol, I just want to know before reading it.

Red gets Eevee in the second book, but I don't remember him actually using it for awhile.

I have all 3 chapters (or volumes) now, I'm going to start reading them soon.
I may read the Yellow arc of the manga once I'm done with this one.

not chloe:
Honestly I saw the title of this thread and I thought it was going to be about Orange Is The New Black why am I like this


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