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The name master:
I've started to play Pokemon Platinum. I chose Piplup as my starter. I would've chosen Turtwig, but I would probably end up not evolving it. I don't know what I'll encounter or catch (I'm open to suggestions!) I'll probably have Giratina on my team! I like the look of Porygon Z, but I can't trade (nor can I cheat!)

I'll probably play Black and Black 2.

Captain Jigglypuff:
Starly and its evolutions are pretty good and easy to obtain. I would also suggest Machop/Machoke, Drifloon, Gastly/Haunter, and the Budew line. They aren't to hard to get although Drifloon is once a week. But Drifloon is easy to get to unlike the Lapras in Union Cave where you had to use Surf and Strength and go down a few floors. Drifloon is found outside the Valley Works building on Friday.

The name master:
I was thinking of getting a Starly!

Which should I get?

Shinx or Pachirisu?

How do you even pronounce Pachirisu???

I would've got Lucario, but if I remember correctly, someone said it's available late and you have to raise it from level 1!

The Hooded Trainer:
Id say get shinx, i have a lot of love for that line and you can get it really early on. (Also pretty sure its patch-ur-ees-u.)

Lucario is a pain to get and raise, but its also amazingly useful. I got mine just before the 7th gym, trained it up and it pretty much handled the entire gym for me.

Captain Jigglypuff:
Yeah. The process to get Lucario is tedious and it's a shame that it is found so late I the game. Rotom can also be useful and not too hard to find. Sadly you can only get one in each play through.


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