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Cleared third challenge and training:

Simba (M Cubone) - Level 19
Sea Puppy (M Brionne) - Level 25
WALL (M Gumshoos) - Level 21
Paula (F Cutiefly) - Level 21


Captain Jigglypuff:
Caught my first Shiny of Gen 7 today! It's a female Golbat named Shimmer.

completed the alola dex with my Type: Null evolving earlier today and someone FINALLY trading me a Buzzwole on the GTS! Time for the shiny hunt

The Shrub Dragon:
Just finished first trial!!

Shadow (M Torracat Lvl17)
-Scratch or smth
-Fire Fang
Hamlet (M Butterfree Lvl16)
-Sleep Powder
Lilla (F Growlithe Lvl11)
-idk two more moves im doing this from memory
Elly (F Trumbeak Lvl16)
-Rock Smash
Misdreavous (F can't remember nickname Lvl13)
Lan (M Kadabra Lvl17)

Just starting the third island:

Sea Puppy (M Brionne) - Level 30
Simba (M A.Marowak) - Level 28
WALL (M Gumshoos) - Level 28
Paula (F Ribombee) - Level 30
ShovelKnight (M Sandygast) - Level 24


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