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Jacksepticeye, Markiplier or PewDiePie?

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lets all go out for some frosty chocolate milkshakes:
sorry to be another "other, please fill in here" one but none of those three schmrendricks.


my fave youtubers in no particular order are

- wendyvainity/madcatlady (the 3d animated singing computer voice "meow meow i am a cat" video woman which tumblr keeps stealing videos of for notes. im still bitter about the one time i saw someone do it. )
- shoutyourmouthoff films (origin of that "whats going on here????? breakfast" clip)
- dusthillguy (impact.mp4)
- dogsandwolves (weather reports + try to eat 50 foods at once guy)

Kerou 犠牲:
Achievement Hunter / LetsPlay (although watch majority of content on their site since day / week early exclusives for FIRST members woo), bill wurtz, TheJeremyKyleShow and NikKershawVEVO are the only ones I watch these days.

the bread dragon:
balloonshop doesn't make videos anymore but they're still the best

The name master:
Although it wasn't in the poll, no one likes my channel! :(

--- Quote from: The Hooded Trainer on June 21, 2017, 19:21 ---For letsplayers, i really only watch game grumps now. For everything else, i... watch far too much, actually.

--- End quote ---
How could I forget about them? I watched a few of their videos!

the only
and i mean ONLY

good gaming Youtube channel is the one, the only, the best IN THE WORLD


you will not see higher quality gameplay ANYWHERE in the entire WORLD folks

he is NUMBER


also i like to watch DoctorBenjyFM for Football Manager, and CowChop for vaguely video game related videos (but I guess this isn't a channel for the young ones !!!!). not really much of a youtube guy i only use it often for watching new kpop videos lol


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