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I found this weird glitch

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I'm intrigued now. Was this in Red, Green, or Blue?


--- Quote from: To4oo4 on March 22, 2018, 15:11 ---you don't think it was the codes, but could you tell me them anyway?

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It is against the rules to share cheat codes here.

The name master:

--- Quote from: To4oo4 on March 22, 2018, 15:11 ---I'm intrigued now. Was this in Red, Green, or Blue?

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Pretty sure it works in all versions of gen 1 (Red, Blue Yellow and presumably in Green, idk tbh) if you want the codes, I can give to you through PM, as codes are not allowed on the forums.

EDIT: I have a theory. Maybe it's the Gameboy's limited memory and the Indigo Plateau's (I think) unique tileset, the Gameboy is probably using a lot of it's memory to load these tiles, but when it tries to load the other tiles in the other areas as well, it's memory is too full/busy, so ends up placing glitched tiles instead.

Also, you have to go AROUND the building from the back, not through it, otherwise the game will crash.

This is a variation, albeit less common, of a well-known glitch called 'Glitch City' which is when the overworld's tile set(s) are scrambled into a nonsensical and often times un-navigatable hodgepodge.

Basic information: https://glitchcity.info/wiki/Glitch_City

The most well-known is the 'wrong warp' variation in which you invert the Safari Zone so that you're entered into a session when you leave.
What you've triggered is the 'stepping out of bounds' variation:

--- Quote ---An out of bounds Glitch City in Pokémon Red, Blue, Yellow is a type of Glitch City that appears when the y coordinate of a map is a certain value higher than its y boundary. It is not to be confused with a Generation II out of bounds Glitch City.

It can be contrasted with a Phantom City; which is a copy of a map that appears for excessively high x positions greater than the x boundary.

The required y coordinate for an out of bounds Glitch City may vary[clarification needed].

Like Glitch Cities accessed from a wrong warp, they are typically sourced from an existing map but with an invalid map block source pointer.

Accessing an out of bounds Glitch City
Use a free travel walk through walls glitch.
Go to either the north-west most or north-east most corner of a map (where y=00), then walk west or east. Alternatively, the glitch may work when y ranges between 01-06, with 06 placing you at position FE, 05 placing you at position FD, etc. The map you set up the glitch from must have a real east or west connection.
The y coordinate will be corrupted. Keep walking up to see a Glitch City.
--- End quote ---


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