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Favorite Older Main Game and Why?


The gen 2 remakes Heartgold and Soulsilver would be my favorite. Gen 2 has always been said to be one of the best pokemon games. The first half of the game is like any other pokemon game, and while you see some new pokemon introduced in gen 2 you also get familiar pokemon from gen 1.

You get great music for battling, routes, towns and caves. (Sidenote I love the ice cave music for gen 2) 2 new types dark and steel, the safari zone to catch gen 3 and 4 pokemon, and the ability to explore another region after you've explored Johto. I say I've played gen 1 but really I haven't. I've play gen 2 and got to explore kanto 3 years later.

Overall generation 2 is great because it was great sequel, and focused on a new story for the first half. Unlike B&W2 which was a continuation of the first games story.

Gen 2 was always my favourite as well. I always thought the Pokemon designs were better.

My favourite music from Gen 2 would have to be the bike theme.
I like that Sentret can have Fire Punch, Ice Punch and Thunder Punch.
The introduction of shiny Pokemon and breeding. Not to mention that Gen 2 had the highest chance of getting a shiny by breeding, even higher than the Masuda method.

Fire Red since it was my first one, and still even after all these years I really enjoy playing it.

I think one of my favorite older main games is Crystal. I remember fondly trying to get all the Unown in the Ruins of Alph, thinking there was some huge secret in there. This was before I used the internet very much, so I always kept trying new things to find out what those ruins were hiding.

probably pokemon emerald. ORAS didn't do it for me.


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