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What are the best teams to rush through the storylines with?


I know I should put this in the team building section, but I consider that to be reserved for competitive multiplayer teams.

I'm going to rush through the storylines of all the main series games in a sort of "access all areas" playthrough. Once I've completed the main storylines, I'm going to backtrack to all the areas to catch all the Pokemon native to that game's region.

My main goal is to complete the Pokedex in X/Y, and have the summary screen of all the Pokemon say that they're from the region they were first made available in.

I want to complete the games as quickly as possible, while taking my time with the backtracking.

Which Pokemon (and their moves) are the best ones to use for the storylines?

The games I'm going with are:
Fire Red/Leaf Green
Heart Gold/Soul Silver
The original Ruby/Sapphire

FireRed speedrun makes use of Squirtle
HeartGold speedrun uses Cyndaquil (until they RNG manip for Raikou) so use that (and probably take something extra just incase
Ruby speedrun uses Mudkip
Diamond speedrun uses Chimchar
Black speedrun uses Tepig
X speedrun uses a large number of Pokémon, mostly notably seems to be Farfetch'd and Hawlucha (feel free to read more here)

but at the end of the day story mode Pokémon is afk easy so just pick whatever starter you want and just mash A until you win you don't realistically even need a team, if I can beat Blue as a 4 year old using just Squirtle you can probably do the same now

I've never been able to manipulate the RNG. The way I usually play is make a team consisting of Pokemon that are strong against as many gyms as I can, rotating my team when necessary, then defeat them very quickly.

I used to rush through White often with Archeops.


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