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Met location for eggs in Pokémon Crystal

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Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone knows the answer to this. Since Pokémon Crystal there is something called 'met location'.
It affects happiness/loyalty/friendship levels. If you level your pokémon in the location you have met it,
it will increase their happiness levels more than when you level the pokémon anywhere else.
But when you get an egg, is the met location the location you get the egg from
(e.g. route 34 for when you get an egg from the old man from the day-care centre),
or is the met location the location the egg hatched (can be anywhere)?
I know I'm asking a potentially difficult question. But can someone illuminate me?

Thanks in advance!

The met location is where it hatched. There is someone in Cianwood city who will tell you where you met it.

Thank you very much :).

You're welcome.

I haven't played the original Gold/Silver/Crystal games in ages. Maybe I should play again.

sans the skeleton:
Really? Well, today I learned! I've been a fan all of my life and I never knew about the happiness boost in the met location.
Can't believe I missed it.


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