Author Topic: I need help with a boss in Rescue Team Red. Relatively early game (I think)  (Read 170 times)

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The boss is Articuno:
I am a level 20 Marowak, while my Totodile partner is 21. Powder Snow consistently does 90+ damage while I only have 70hp. Ask any questions and I will answer them as best I can, any strategies would be greatly appreciated :D

What I have already tried:

Blast Seeds do pretty much nothing, found that out the hard way

My only 2 sleep seeds do nothing except use my turn, as Articuno immediately woke up and attacked all 4 times (2 attempts with sleep seeds, 2 sleep seeds per attempt) (maybe because its a boss, maybe because I have absolutely terrible luck in video games, maybe both) I have 2 reviver seeds that I haven’t brought to the boss yet. I am saved at the Kangaskhan statue outside the Frosty Grotto and can reset to that point any time I die. Is there a plausible way for me to beat this boss (that isn't just praying she doesn't use Powder Snow more than twice) that wouldn't take lots of grinding to be able to tank 20+ more damage? Also Gust is also a big issue as it two-shots both Totodile and me. I have plenty of apples on me for a slow stall game or bad dungeon rng, and 6 or 7 oran berries, but they don't do a whole lot to help during the actual boss fight. I wholeheartedly thank anyone for even reading this far, and any advice at all means the world to me, as I love the game but might turn away from it for a bit because of how frustrating this is. I apologize for not having a tl;dr, I am very bad at shortening text (as seen above)