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Random Randomness / Re: what's depressing you right now?
« on: September 13, 2009, 02:37 »
The last episode of Death Note is depressing me, and also the fact that i have rotten luck with women, despite my relatively good look and nice attitude.

At least I have good friends, health, food, and i get to go to school and study in the field of work that interests me.

I guess I'm a spoiled person for having all these things and still feeling depressed...

You know you've played too much Pokémon when you actually get to believe that you can earn your living by making your pets battle all the time instead of getting a job.

It's sad how life s**ks at times, eh?  :(

When you try to use your bike indoors, and then you suddently hear a voice in your head saying out loud "Oak: This isn"t the time to use that!"

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