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Nice. I don't think I've ever seen a people make an issue of it here, and I definitely agree with the last quote. In fact upon first glance my mind just automatically started interpreting 'LGBTQ' as a potential Pokemon game acronym.

Lord Raven:
who's the third gay member

Sebastian Moran:
Yes good. Seeing as a lot of the places on the Internet in which these take place don't have an issue with it anyway, it does seem a bit "preaching to the choir"..y. Not just on these sites (which tbh I hadn't seen until just now) but on the Internet in general. 
Maybe I'm too optimistic, but I'll assume that everyone's OK with queer people (for example) until proven otherwise, rather than assuming that everyone's hateful until i see a news update/banner on their site. 
but uh, yeah. It does smack a bit of "...wait, so you weren't pro-LGBTQ before?" 

Trainer Dave:
I'll agree on this one - I can't say I've seen any discrimination or prejudice on this form, so change isn't all that necessary - especially when it comes to censorship.

I don't know about everyone else, but I don't see a "gay admin" and a "straight admin". The same goes for normal members. They're just regular people and I couldn't care less about everyone's sexuality.

Perhaps it may be linked to us being an EU site, mind you. I understand that the US has far larger problems with such prejudice.


--- Quote from: Mercenary Raven on June 12, 2012, 03:47 ---who's the third gay member

--- End quote ---

The three gay admins are Typhlosion, Mulholland and myself.

Unless our secret mind control changing sexuality powers converted someone else as well. Just never had those work. We're rubbish at those things.


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