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Norse Mythology Theme?


It's been discussed on other forums that Xerneas and Yveltal might be inspired by Norse mythology, so I thought I'd make a topic about that, and throw some of my own crazy thoughts out there too =P

Xerneas and Yveltal

These two are possibly based on Eikþyrnir and Veðrfölnir, who occupy Ygddrasil.

The fact that Gen VI seems to have a European vibe (hello Eiffel Tower), it suggests that the mythology ingame will draw from IRL mythology, as it has done in previous games.

Yveltal has two blue eyes, Xerneas has a red eye and a blue eye, leading the natural assumption to be that a third Pokemon will have two red eyes, and will most likely be the creature representing Z.

I think Níðhöggr would be the most likely candidate. It is a dragon (sometimes serpent) that gnaws at the base of Ygdrassil; and a serpent would make it very easy for its body shape to be a Z =P

The Entralink

It really bothered me that the bridges from the Entralink to the other worlds were destroyed in BW2, and no reason was given for this. I'm hoping this is expanded upon in XY.

In Norse mythology, Ygdrassil is the tree at the centre of creation; or at least, the embodiment of creation itself. The Entralink was, similarly, at the centre of Unova and had a particularly spiritual feel, being the entrance to the Dream World, amid other people's worlds. 

For those who have watched Thor, you might remember the "Bifrost," the rainbow cannon thing that is a much more epic version of Star Trek's transporter. In Nordic mythology, these were rainbow bridges that connected the world of the gods with the real world. The bifrost are predicted to be shattered when "the sons of Muspell" (Muspell being a fiery realm) attempt to cross it.

In BW2, the bridges are no longer accessible, and you can't travel to other people's worlds via the Entralink.

I'm hoping that this will be expanded upon in BW2; perhaps the plot events of XY will have poisoned the Entralink (which will still be accessible?) and this has caused the bridges to become inaccessible in BW2? =S

I don't think this is particularly likely, as they've not really done cross-generational plots on different regions. The closest would be Red being in Mt. Silver. And that's hardly a massive plot point.

But even so, some explanation would have been nice. =P

Anyway, if any other Norse themes are noticed, please post away! ^_^

How about the Arceus egg creation event? I'm pretty sure you transport to a very small area of Sinnoh when you go to the Ruins of Alph...or something to that effect happens.

The idea is nice though, I'm pretty sure they have a rainbow bridge in the Dreamworld. In fact it's the first gate into the dreamworld.

I'm expecting to see the Z serpent though.

I thought Xerneas may have been pulling from the British myth of the God/Spirit of the Forest who appears in the form of a majestic and benevolent stag.

Adding to this in a more or less meaningless and unconfirmed way, but some leaks apparently called Mewtwo's new forme the eclair forme...which means lightning? Something could be referenced from that...

In my opinion all the norse mythology stuff really backs up the whole 'fairy' type speculation. I think if we do get a fairy type it's going to be representative of forest fairies and Scandinavian fairy tales.


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