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--- Quote from: That Girl in the 'Roo Suit ---Robin - Delphox

--- End quote ---

I like this nickname xD

I haven't nicknamed many this time, but I have:
Sinestro - Blaziken
Grayson - Talonflame
Kal-El - Lucario
Hal - Venusaur
Bruce - Noivern
Joker - Sableye
Fyrefly - Charizard
Zod - Ditto
Lex - Metagross

I like to nickname everything, even stuff I'll never use.

Like I thought calling Espurr "Mystic Mog" was the funniest thing ever, even though I don't like Espurr at all...

I have more now:

Fabian - Wigglytuff
Antonio - Clefable
Napoleon - Grumpig
Flynn - Garchomp (Flynn Rider xD)
Quinn - Tyranitar
Sparkles - Salamence

And I will have
Glimmer - Dragonite

Captain Jigglypuff:
My nicknames are puns on celebrity names, play on words or phrases, and Egg moves or the forme or color.

the bread dragon:
my nicknames are bloody awful, like leonardo the squirtle (NINJA TURTLE REFERENCE WOOO)...


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