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the bread dragon:
^yeah, im going for it to be similar to the game with a few differences so it wont be identical.
ive played it too  ;)
also i was wondering: should i do a few chapters in first person? i dunno whether anyone would like it better that way. im going to figure out how to make a poll (still a bit of a green horn haha) and put it up soon enough.

Chapter 3
    After the duo exited the cave, Luke said, "Oh, thank you so, so much! I wouldn't've stood a chance alone in there, especially against those bullies!"

    "You've thanked me enough already," Leo said, chuckling. "I get it," he said, with a smile.

    "Okay," Luke said, blushing a little bit.  Leo's smile faded, as thoughts kept running through his mind. Should I have helped this guy out? He could be tricking me, for all I know... He soon remembered how happy the Riolu had looked getting his rock back. Of cousre not. He's clearly grateful. What am I thinking? I can obviously trust Luke. Besides, he was concerned when he found me... even though I ran my mouth a bit. His smile returned, sheepishly.

    He was quite curious about the rock he had. What was so important about it for him to go and steal it back? And why did the thieves want it in the first place. "So, what is that rock? At a glance, it just looks like an ordinary rock, but it cant be, what with you trying to get it back an all."

    "Oh, this is my Relic Fragment. I've always legends and lore. Whenever I hear about historical things, I just get so excited! Don't you feel the same way? Uncharted territory, veiled in darkness, places we've yet to find, mysteries, it's so exciting! Wouldn't it be so great to discover something like that?"

    "One day, I happened to find this here Relic Fragment. I admit, it looks like something you could pull out of a garbage can, but take a closer look." Leo squinted at the Relic Fragment, and noticed something.

    "Huh... That's interesting!  There's a pattern inscribed on it? Have an idea what it means?"

    Luke seemed to deflate hearing that. The happiness that had been showing on his face
disappeared. "Unfortunately, no, I dunno what it means..." Then his face lit up. "But then again, that makes it even more exciting! Think of all the possibilities of what this could be! Heck, this Relic Fragment could save the world. That's why it's so important to me. If it could save the world, I sure don't want a bunch of bullies to have their hands on it. And, even if it won't save the world, it could be the key to uncharted places, filled with treasure, or who knows what."

    "I would love to explore places, to see what my Relic Fragment can do. In fact, there is a world famous guild just down the road from here. I've tried joining... but I always chicken out. I'm such a coward.." He looked down in shame, but looked back up at Leo.

    "What about you, Leo? You thought you were a human, and don't remember anything. What will you do?" Leo hadn't thought about that. He'd been so consumed in helping out this Riolu, he hadn't thought much about himself. What will I do? I could ask to shelter with Luke for a while, until I can get my feet off the ground... That would be a sign of weakness. Besides, he might not really like me very much...
    "I... I don't really know," he finally said.

    "Well... could I ask you a favor? Would... would you join an exploration team with me? I saw the way you fought earlier and... you could be a very good fighter. Besides, having someone with me could settle my nerves a bit."

    Whoa! That... that was completely out of the blue. But... what other choice do I have? Joining up with Luke doesn't seem like that bad an idea. He nodded his head yes after some consideration,  and Luke smiled the biggest he had smiled in a while.

    "R-r-really? Awesome! Thank you so much! Although, now might not be the best time for it..." He looked up at the sky. In probably another hour, it would be midnight. "Let's head to my place for some sleep."

End of Chapter 3

 i think that chapter was a bit better than the second. woo!

Well, the game is in first person. Go for it.

the bread dragon:
note-i wrote this like a week ago and it was good but it disappeared so :(

Chapter 4

   Leo stood up as quietly as he could. He couldn't sleep. Would you blame him, though? After becoming a Shinx and retrieving someone's treasure? What a day, he thought. Never thought I'd do any of this... seems like the stuff of fictional stories... video games, even. But, it's real life!

    I'm not quite sure what to think about it, though... Do I like being a Pokemon? Or a human? I don't know... He looked out the shark's jaws. He was inside of a rock formation in a cliff, known as Sharpedo Bluff. It's where Luke lived. It was quite detailed for a face of a cliff... it very closely resembled the pokemon Sharpedo, hence the name. It looked just like a shark.

    The sun was just rising, and its rays reflected off of the ocean. It was beautiful! Leo heard a noise. It was Luke, rising from his bed.

    "Good morning!" he said. He must be a morning person...

    "Oh... hello. Couldn't sleep either?" Leo replied.

    "No, I always wake up around this time. Makes for more time to get things done in the day time!" Luke said excitedly. Definitely a morning person...

    Leo smiled weakly. He was still a bit tired. "Didn't you mention something about an exploration team? Now that you're up, we oughta go ahead and get that done."

    "Oh, right! I doubt the guild members are awake yet, but it's worth a shot! Let's go." Little did Luke know that the guild members had already been awoken by Loudred. They headed through Treasure Town to the guild. Walking up the front steps, Leo asked, "So, this is where you create an exploration team?"

    "Yup, that's right. They also train you here to become a better exploration team, so you can begin making big discoveries, and treasures,  and all the fun stuff!" Luke replied smiling. He then stepped on to the grate.



    Luke gulped. This is just so scary... can I go home now?

    No... I have to be strong! Be brave!


    "ALRIGHT! COME ON I-- WAIT. THERE'S SOMEONE ELSE WITH YOU. STEP ON TO THE GRATE TOO." Luke walked off so Leo's footprint could be identified.









    "Well.. that was nerve wracking!" Luke exclaimed weakly.

End of Chapter 4
told you it was short okay

Let's see this continue please.

the bread dragon:
i forgot this existed. whoops. maybe rightfully so, as im an awful writer haha. but if someone wants to see this alive and well again, then I SHALL FULFILL MY DUTY!


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