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Anyone else still playing this? I am. It's my kind of fun, to be honest.

Anyway, ended up catching 'em all, beat the main storyline quest, and now I'm just trying to get an EPIC Hariyama to use in the postgame mission. In my attempts, I've ended up with at least five EPIC Cacnea, which is more than I know what to do with tbh (I like Cacnea too, but c'mon...) The best Hariyama I have so far is a Splendid one, but Speedy and Snappy are like, par for the course; hoping I get something more interesting down the road.

How about the rest of you? Any good hauls since this topic was started?

I play a little so I do not have much balloons. But I'm really happy with what I play. It's a very interesting game.

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