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Shiny Hunting!

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im currently hunting for a shiny ralts and can't be bothered to breed. my record Dexnav chain is 100 and i've been trying for hours. no luck. any suggestions? (National Pokedex isn't complete and I can't be bothered)

sans the skeleton:
trade for one on the GTS

"cant be bothered" and "too lazy" don't really work well with shiny hunts my guy

I think they meant they don't feel up to filling the dex for the shiny charm.

But yeah you've got to keep going. Shiny hunting isn't easy (especially in older games). Put in effort and you'll get results :)

i know, i know. it's currently impossible for me to get the national pokedex complete and im still trying for the hoenn dex. plus the GTS has no fair trades, nimrod. im not THAT lazy in pokemon. i use an actual TEAM. i only try to get cool looking shinies, and shiny gardevoir is a good looking shiny


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