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Solgaleo and Lunaala

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These names have been trademarked but not by nintendo directly. So it is very possible that these are the mascots.
I love the sound of Solgaleo

Notice how Solrock and Lunatone use the same name theme, I'm wondering if there is any kind of connection with them and the new legendaries.

there's more potentially trademarked japanese names that 2ch found

the prospect of a fire cat starter sounds like exactly what i've wanted

also word on the street is that solgaleo could be like a sun/lion, and lunaala is some winged moon creature

interestingly solgaleo seems to take from "galileo" and maybe lunaala is referencing some other astronomer that i'm not smart enough to know about. but i think we can expect planets to play a big part re:galileo

sans the skeleton:
god yes i hope the fire starter is a cat, the grass is a hummingbird, and maybe the water one is a dog or something idk but it'd be so cool

I predicted snivy a few years ago so if this is an owl grass type my guess is twitwig


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