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((I'll start this off by sending my character your way.))

Quince knew something was up when he saw his wanted posters all over town. The Guild was onto him. No more raiding dungeons, stealing from merchants, ambushing explorers. No more resting up in Spinda Cafe to prepare for the next day. Quince had to base his operations somewhere else. And he knew the perfect place: Star Cave. Perfectly secluded, the place was largely untouched by Pokemon. "My new evil lair!" Quince shouted into the cave. "It's perfect."

He didn't know that the place was already inhabited. As Quince saw it, Star Cave was his territory now. No one would find him here, he thought.

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Rina was freaked out by the writing, and started heading for the only exit. She jumped and screamed when she heard shouting from the opening, turned, and started running as fast as she can away from the voice.

((Well, I don't want to be left out, so I'll send my character to you too as well))

Nilda had no idea was was going on or where she was, but she was alone and didn't want to stay that way. She was in some cave, but there were few other pokemon besides her, so getting around wasn't a problem. It didn't take her long to find the one exit, but that wasn't all she found. By the exit, there was a bag, apparently abandoned in a hurry by pokemon who owned it, judging from its contents, which mostly consisted of Oran berries and apples, being left around everywhere. Nilda rummaged through the bag, hoping to find something of value, maybe something that could help explain her situation. She found a note. It explained about the monster pokemon and about the attempt to trap them. She smirked, "Well, I certainly hope I get to meet these 'monster pokemon'." She stuffed the note, now with a few new holes from her blades, back into the bag, scooped the other supplies back in, and left the cave, taking it with her.

Nilda walked for quite some time before seeing anyone else. Suddenly, she heard a voice, "My new evil lair! It's perfect."

Without thinking, she ran toward the voice, stopping before she ran into the Weavile. Wait, he said 'evil' lair, didn't he? She suddenly realized she may have made a mistake. Not that she was the epitome of 'good' herself, at least she didn't think she was, she couldn't remember, but if he saw her as a threat, that could be trouble. No time to think anyway, as she soon heard a scream from inside the cave. Again without thinking, she ran in to investigate. She took a look around where the scream came from, but couldn't find anyone. Maybe they ran farther in? She yelled out, "Hey, is anyone in here?"

     Quince was about to kick back and relax in his new hideout when he heard a voice and the sound of running. He narrowed his eyes and sharpened his senses, “Someone’s here…” He was ready to hunt down whoever it was, until a Pawniard ran past him and threw him off. Quince looked at the bag of Apples and Oran Berries she was carrying. That wasn’t an explorer’s bag, was it? “Get back here!” he shouted, running after the Pawniard. Catching up to the Pokémon was easy, especially since she kept stopping to look for something. Quince sped past Pawniard and blocked her path.
     “Just who do you think you are, running in here like that?! I know… you’re an explorer, aren’t you?! You followed me here so you could arrest me, was that your plan?” the Weavile’s accusatory mouth narrowed into a smirk, “Well that’s not happening.” Without warning, Quince raised his claws and threw himself at the Pawniard.

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