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If you could possibly elaborate more on the third one that would be great. But of the other two, the second one catches my interest very quickly, so my vote is on that one.

I’ll elaborate a bit on things.
The team in the first idea would have and advanced level of technology and be helping both team aqua and magma awaken their respective legendaries to “Make the world a better place.” Their primary Pokemon are Magnemite and Swablu (And their evolutions.)
The third idea should allow more creativity as you can decide on your characters home dimension and reason why they came to this one. After arriving on this earth most power/technology brought from other dimensions stop working (Unless they would function on this earth). After a period of hiding or blending into society, Characters would be told to meet up somewhere by another dimension hopper. This person explains that they need to find a way back to their own dimensions or a world-destroying thing will be attracted by their presence in this world.

Any more interest or questions/suggestions? If not then Idea 2 is go, seeing as how that has the most interest. 


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