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Let's just pointlessly count and see how high the number goes!

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The name master:
Let's just count for absol-utely no reason and see how high the number goes before the thread dies.

You basically count up from one with only one number per post.

Remember the three word rule, though!

Just type some extra!



The Hooded Trainer:
Well, 2, i guess. I bet you we dont reach any further than 5 before people get bored.

not chloe:
3 Threads like this are bad news lol, I would know. Maybe that's just me 🤔

In any case, if you get a convo going these threads can go to ridiculous lengths

The name master:

Not letting this thread die without a fight!


Forget Chloe, I would know threads like this don't end well. Let's just hope no one *ahem* screws up the count


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