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Not necessarily Pokemon you wish they'd make (though I guess there's eventually some overlap) but more like, we have so many Pokemon now, you'd think there'd be some other creatures, objects, myths, typings, or concepts worked into the roster by now. I mean, it took us five generations for a straight-up ant-based Pokemon (worth the wait in a way, because I love Durant <3 ).

Anyway, I guess this is my list:

*Since Gen 2, I've wanted a split prevo for Tauros and Miltank. Maybe it learns Bounce via level up? Don't see this one happening ever at this point, but I can dream.
*We have at least two ninja Pokemon I can recall offhand, but what about a ninja-based 'mon with Intimidate? Element of surprise and all that. Probably pure Dark-type, though another Dark/Ghost wouldn't be bad, either. Dark/Fairy?
*A Water/Fighting starter. Or, if that's not possible, a Water/Fighting-type not named Poliwrath or Keldeo. Seriously, why is this typing so rare?!
*Triceratops Fossilmon. I know we have Aggron, and yes Aggron is awesome, but consider it took six generations for a Tyrannosaurus to happen, so why is the Triceratops taking so long? And Gen 7 didn't even HAVE any new fossilmons! Missed opportunity imo.
*Just for fun: maybe a yo-yo based pokemon with access to U-Turn and/or Volt Switch? I'm thinking Steel/Electric. Skill Link?

That's it for me, for now. What about the rest of you?

The name master:
Mega Dragonite. Now.

Mega Goodra would be cool, too!

An evolution for Jynx. Evolved in the exact same way as Electabuzz and Magmar.

The name master:
Skarmory. Kecleon. All need an evolution. Or pre evolution at least.

Baby Kangaskhan! That also fixes the whole baby in egg thing!

In the words of TheJWittz:
Kangaskhan comes out of the egg as a mother. Try explaining that one!


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