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For logistic reasons, we will be forced to end our signups this Thursday!

As has been informally announced and discussed before, I will be visiting London on my vacation near the end of August. Since it's the perfect opportunity to bring many people from this fine site together in one place, we have decided to organize a PKMN.NET meet for our members. It will be on 26 August, a Sunday, during the afternoon. The current schedule is that the meet runs from 1PM to 5PM, which should be more than enough. Be sure to have everything arranged - although admins will be in the vicinity earlier than that, we've got our own stuff to do at that time, and we are not going to wait for family/etc to pick you up for long after that time. (Especially since some of us are planning to go for some food and so on after that)

To make such we don't get all kinds of weirdos attracted to the event, you are sort of going to need to sign up for this. This, depending mostly on your age, will require a few steps:
If you are at least 18 years old let us know here or in private. You're old and wise enough to decide for yourself.
If you are 15 years or younger we want you to ask your parents for permission, and we want to be sure you did. We want to get word from your parents, and we don't want you to forge it. We are also going to be extremely cautious about accepting people, so be prepared to be turned down if we decide it's not okay for you to come. In particular, the younger, the less chance there is of us accepting you. We are absolutely not interested in babysitting. See this
If you are in between these ages, we still want you to ask your parents. We're not going to double check for you, but are also prepared to answer any questions they may have, if they find it necessary.
Once it goes through, you'll get access to a special forum where the specifics will be discussed.

In any case, we reserve the right to reject your 'application', since we cannot always be sure of the intention of people we barely know and who have rarely posted here. I doubt it will be a major problem, but we do want to be careful.

And yes, we realise people may not be truthful about their age. We accept no responsibility for what happens if you lie, and may decide that it's best for you to go home asap.

In general, PKMN.NET cannot take any responsibility for what happens to you while travelling to and from this event, or while it's happening. We'll try to make sure stuff goes alright, but cannot make any guarantees.

Do we apply here? If so, you can take this as my application. I'm 16, and I've already asked my parents, infact, they are dropping me off at station themselves. So, is that enough information for my application?

K-kun: Terror's Advocate:
Aarrgghh...Long have I wished for something like this, but there's no way someone like me can go. I keep forgetting that this is a European site...As a Candadian, I wish that someday, there'll be one of these closer to home. Anyway, good luck, and have fun, everyone who's going!
*Waves like an idiot*

Please, do not reply to this topic saying "Oh I can't go" or "Why can't we have one in [insert country here]?" This is a topic for applications to go, not complaining about how you can't.

Yeah, 16+ applications can generally go here, for those younger than 16, we need more information. is probably the best place to write to then.


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