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New moves have been added to Pokemon Diamond and Pearl! Why not make your own move? Here's an example:

[Move name]

Diamond Spore
Type: Grass
Power: ---
Accuracy: 100
PP: 5
The foe is showered by a glittering powder. It is so unstable, that any status problem may occur (except freezing).

Easy! You can even do a contest version! You try! (Please, nothing inappropriate or hateful!) ;D

I think I'll make one about Weird Thunder, which is Freakachu's signature move. *pokes avvy*

Weird Thunder
Type: Strange
Power: 100
Accuracy: 100
Classification: Special
PP: 25
Contest Classification: Cool
Appeal: 0
Jam: 4
Status Effect: 30% chance of causing Confusion
Description: A bolt of unusual green-colored lighting is directed at the foe to cause damage. May cause Confusion.

Move: Water Ball
Type: water
Power: 70
Acuracy: 90
Contest Classification: Beauty
Status Effect: 25% chance of making the foe confused.
Description: The user creates a ball of water and throws it at the foe, inflicting damage. It may also cause confusion.

Carnival dance

all pokemon in both parties thrash about, throwing items. one random pokemon gets confused, paralyzed, or sleep, and a random pokemon gets all of the damage. (compare to beat up)

[Move name] Movemaster
[Type] Heroes
[Status/Special/Physical] Ambiguous
[PP] 1337/1337
[Description] It repeatedly screams MOHINDERRRRRRR until the enemy is both Physically, Mentally, and Emotionally Scarred for life. Not to mention hypnotised.


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