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This is huge, people. This is what you have been waiting for.

Remember how we had a rather out of date Pokedex that never contained all information? Well that's true no longer. Not only do we have a Pokedex, we dare say that it is one of the most expansive and in-depth Pokedexes found online! (Well, with some notes. More on that later.)

What it lists? Pokemon, items, games, abilities, moves, locations, whatever we can represent in a structured way.

It's called Dex, and it's wonderful. Check out those maps!

Dex, PKMN.NET's Pokedex (and more).

Now, on to some related matters. There's a number of issues you may have with the information we offer. Since they can probably be divided in three areas, I'll discuss each of these:

Errors. This is mostly done by hand, and we're bound to have messed up some of these things. If you want them corrected, it's best to use the 'Report Errors' link at the bottom of each page, as usual. That way, we know what page you are talking about, and are automatically linked to it. It also provides us with some further debug information.
If you, for some reason, make a longer list of errors, mailing me personally might be the easiest way to handle this. Don't PM me, in any case, as PMs are the hardest to trace down.

Incomplete information. Because of the sheer amount of information that needed to be entered, we didn't get all of it done. We are working on correcting this. In general, this is done in some form of order, so if surrounding things do have the information, it may in fact be a bug. A (not complete) list of things that fall in this category:
* Location descriptions. These are getting close to completion
* Location on a game's worldmap. I'm working on these. RBY are done, GSC are almost done, the others have less progress.
* Maps for a location in a game. This is added together with trainers, items, location links and some others. These are a lot of work and will likely take their time.
* Pokemon Diamond/Pearl moves. These are a lot of work, and I've been trying to get this done with some others. This is where I can use your help. You can contact me on IRC or through an instant messenger if you are interested in helping me out, so I can assign you something to work on. Only do this if you expect to have some time left for rather simple data entry.

Missing information. These, you can mention in this thread (or in a seperate suggestions thread). We can't guarantee that we'll add everything you suggest, and more importantly, that it'll be added in a short amount of time. However, we can't know what information you want if you don't tell us what you want.
Some things that we are planning to add are:
* Where an item is found in a game - what shops, locations etc
* Tie-ins with episode guides. In which episode did Ash meet a Surskit again?

Nathan WV10:
This is a brilliant new feature LeninV2 and I would think this will help a lot of people here on I am going to check it out right now.

amazing, I thought it was this ^^

and yeah, I see my sprites being used ^^

Utack and Swampy:
Well, the first thing I see wrong is the pokedex is calling himself EDX. Personally I'm flattered that Ed's are finally getting recognition, but I think it ment to say DEX.


And Joeno, what do you want us to do exactly with the "Anime" parts, find their debut episodes?


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