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Wake-up Slap a Komala


What do you think will happen?

Since Komala is permanently asleep, will Wake-up Slap not work at all, or will Komala just wake up and fall asleep again the next turn?

Also, I know that Electric Terrain is a move that prevents sleep, will it wake Komala if it's already asleep?
If I'm not mistaken, Heal Bell and Aromatherapy can cure status conditions like sleep as well.

I think the "Permanently asleep" thing is flavor text to explain its ability, which is that it can ONLY be affected by the sleep status (as opposed to Burn, Poison, etc.) That said, Wake-up Slap will probably function like it does on any Pokemon that's asleep if Komala has the status, but otherwise it's just gonna take normal damage from it. Well, super effective damage, since Komala is Normal and Wake-up Slap is a Fighting-type move. But you probably already knew that.

And yeah, I was actually toying with the idea of running an Electric Terrain doubles team with Komala on it, so that's a pretty good question. I assume it would? Not totally sure how it works in Gen 6, guess we'll just have to wait and see in Sun and Moon's case.

"All special effects of moves based on the Sleep status condition affect this Pokémon."

So Wake-Up Slap should double its power when used against a Comatose Pokémon.

According to the pokemon showdown calculator, komala takes about 124% minimum from a wake up slap 252+ used by hariyama with no ability and comatose factored in. So either the calculator hasn't been adjusted to factor it in or comatose doesn't cause extra damage from wake up slap.

Then most likely the calculator hasn't been adjusted to factor it in. I trust the information on bulbapedia more than I trust the showdown damage calculator when it comes to new abilities.

I could test it out in the real games once I gain access to both games on 2 systems, though I feel I shouldn't need to.


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