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So, we've got a general election soon. How's everyone feeling about it?

We've got Maggie May in the Blue Corner, promising a 'strong and stable' Britain while at the same time screwing the poor.

Jeremy Corbyn in the Red Corner, wanting to nationalise everything but at the same time making sure the mega corporations pay their taxes.

The UK Independence Party that... Well... Do they even need to exist anymore?

The Liberal Democrats want to legalise weed, so there's the stoner vote

And the greens, 'the hipster vote'.

I've been a Labour voter since 2010 (my first election) and this year I'm on the fence. Corbyn's a wet blanket and I'm worried about my small business' corporation tax increasing as a result. Just hoping the mega corporations are going to get taxed harder and my rate staying the same.

What about you?

not chloe:
Just sent off my Labour postal vote.

Voted Green last time around but our candidate for the Green Party didn't run this time.

My vote is going towards labour, conservatives seem to be crippling the NHS and social care.

Still really unsure. Labours budget holds water, however I'm not entirely okay with how insanely high their tax is on £80k+ pays, nor am I convinced their budget will hold up when the rich flee to lower taxes (esp. relevant with brexit). Don't trust the party at all with defence either - there's something to learn in Corbyns preachings of talk, don't shoot, but he goes a bit too extreme in his peace. That said, the rest of the party would hold him back.

Conservatives have pretty good policies this time round, and a pro-business party is definitely what we need ATM (only party planning to drop corporation tax). History suggests they're the better party financially (Labours pandering to the union's collapsed the economy in the 70s, Brown was in power for the '08 crash, Thatcher lead the country out of the winter of discontent), but I don't trust Theresa May one bit, and that's incredibly concerning.

That said my vote is basically useless, the Bethnal & Bow constituency is ~60% Lab, 17% Tory, so like unless May pulls off a 43% swing nothing exciting's happening lmao. Will probably just vote for the independent to help them get their £500 running "deposit" back tbh.

The Shrub Dragon:
I think May is a poor leader whose deficit in leadership skill is surpassed only by her awful communication skills.  It seems an awful lot like she's functioning on autopilot, if you ask me.  To be quite frank, she's answered questions in interviews with answers that are so rehearsed they seem to have come straight out of autocorrect, which gives me little faith that she'd be able to make intelligent and sustainable decisions in the event of a financial crisis.  She's not the face I want to see handling a matter as controversial as Brexit when she's barely able to string together a sentence to explain how she's going to help improve connectivity in the south west.

That said, I don't trust Corbyn either.  He very much gives the impression that he's taking radical far-left views and trying to operationalise them without understanding them.  One such example would be his public u-turn on the shoot-to-kill policy.  It suggests to me that he's a man who wants to take approval at any juncture, and I can't imagine him doing any good when we're this close to breaking point as a country.  The man is far too idealistic, and I think the damage done by the imbalance in his morality would leave us anaemic financially and in terms of social growth should there be a financial or political disaster.

I'm voting Lib Dem.  I don't love them, but I think a party that wants to put decisions back in the public's hands and abolish our pseudo-oligarchy whilst also inciting its changes in funding gradually (E.G. decreasing mental health waiting times as opposed to the Green Party's plan to fund mental health and physical health the same when the NHS is under such huge strain that even redistributing tax and government funding wouldn't cover everything, effectively worsening physical and mental health epidemics). I think the Lib Dems are the most rational choice at the moment.


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