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Yay =D agreements =D

Another thing about gyms is that, due to the somewhat fun nature of a league of sorts, it could attract a lot more people into competitive battling. I believe it was Richard and Blaziken that first showed me to PO about a year ago, and I've loved it since despite not being big on competitive battling when I first downloaded it.

I just made a UU team on there, one problem how do I set my Pokémon's abillities?

Click the 'Advanced' button underneath the pokemon sprite and then click side window to have it pop up to the right, alongside the Hidden Power types, IV's and genders.

Ah thank you, my team is now ready just got to get the hang of competitive battling again.

I know that feeling haha. I haven't battled in a few months though, so a bit different.

So quick question: should I post a thread in the CB board about the possibility of somebody setting up a PO server for PKMN? Or should I leave it to discuss here?


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