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--- Quote from: Liam on February 16, 2012, 14:44 ---Hooray, a server with a weatherless OU tier that three people will use! :)

--- End quote ---

On some level I agree with this. Which is why I said about checking the amount of interest in such an idea before setting the server up by setting up a poll here, and for those of us who know others, we can start getting some numbers down of how many people would be interested in such an idea. This also allows for time to see if anyone is able to set a server up.

Doesn't getting people from other servers defeat the purpose of a pkmn.net community server? That seems like a quick fix for all but one day, where they'd just go back to more popular, proven servers.

I'm free for you guys to prove me wrong, but as far as I know, this won't work and the idea has never survived past the hype stage.

I have to re download it and get a team ready, but once I am, anyone up for a battle?

Sure, name the server and I'll be there

kk. I haven't been on PO in months, due to me forgetting to download it again. I just have to get a team ready, which I am doing now.
The Server... Hmm... The PO server?


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