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So, X & Y have been out around a month now and it seems a majority of people have beaten the E4 and started breeding or training their teams or whatever they do, so it seems like a good time to make a battle thread.

Basically anyone who likes to battle real people as a bypass to the unfortunate lack of post-game can post here in an attempt to get a battle. Just post your Friend Code and the formats of battle you play (e.g. Single, Double, Triple etc.)

Legacy (Nate) Singles/Doubles - 1392-4780-2443
RubyRobin (Richard) Any Format - 3566-1602-6874

I play doubles or singles. Friend code is 1392 - 4780 - 2443

Are you free now? If so, do you want to battle? You can choose the format and whether Übers will be allowed, of course.

I've not gotten a team built properly for competitive just yet, but if you're happy to battle OU with levels capped at 50 just to pass time/try your team out then I'd be happy to =]

Yeah, that'd be great! My team isn't proper competitive yet either - it's just a random mix of stuff I like xD


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